Who is Arthur Carmazzi

Arthur Carmazzi -a Man’s Triumphant Journey Against Himself

Having been through the fires of lost love, personal confusion, an over active ego and near bankruptcy, Arthur has learned the hard way what really matters in life.

He tells of the “selfishness” that was the motivator of his younger years, a selfishness that a knife to the lung in Puerto Rico soon cleansed him of.

“I literally thought I was going to die and it flashed into my mind that the way I had been living was probably not the best resume to be taking to meet my maker,” Arthur says.

Selling off his business interests, Arthur took to the high road of world travel to discover how other cultures and people live, eventually settling in Korea where, “people were so graceful in their way of living,”

“There was a different element in the way the people saw their world and I knew I could learn from that,”

However one’s true path in life is easier said than found and Arthur says he made many mistakes – mistakes that cost him his family. While he had addressed many of his negative qualities, he had carried his demanding ego with him, barely recognizing that it was his ego that got him into most trouble.

“At the time I had a great job as Director of the Korean arm of Grail Industries. I had the cars, the house, the family and the lifestyle that people would, and possibly have, killed for.

“But it came at the cost of never seeing my family – always being in demand. Certainly that appeased my ego, but did not serve my family or the best aspects of my self at all. I thought I was invincible,” Arthur says.

To give himself more time with his family and make positive changes in his internal life, Arthur left Grail and set up business, but like Icarus, he flew too close to the sun and got very burned.

“Again my ego got in the way. I over invested, convinced of my ability to make millions. I was bankrupted. I lost my family and the wife who I still see as the love of my life. That is, I think, the harshest wake up call of my life,” says Arthur.

Out of the ashes of his life, Arthur has risen like the phoenix, but he is seeing life a bit differently now.

He says his mission now is to “live a full and happy and diverse life, that is full of love and gratitude. I aim to be a man of vision, an ambassador of fulfillment and make a difference in the world by helping others see greater possibilities in themselves.

“I seek to constantly make progress in my personal and professional life. To provide well for an amazing wife and raise my children to become great people. To be honest and faithful and live up to my own expectations. To be healthy and fit and build and maintain a great body. To have an abundance of wisdom and energy and to be able to do whatever I want, any time I want to do it,”

Arthur adds his future vision is to be “a caring individual that seeks to make a difference in the world, but not in an anonymous way. I am a lover of people and cherish my friends and family. I am the man who will make the difference,”