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The Quiet Revolutionary | PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY - Arthur Carmazzi

The Quiet Revolutionary

Virtual bankruptcy, a broken marriage and a distinct absence of ready cash were the drivers that inspired Arthur F. Carmazzi to reinvent himself at the start of the new millennium.

An experienced businessman and natural leader, US born Carmazzi had, until his personal crash, lived the good life of flash cars and even flasher houses

But ego got in the way and I blew it. Like Icarus I flew to close to the sun and got burned,” says Carmazzi, adding the old adage pride before the fall could have been the epitaph of his old life.

“I deserved what I got. I was not paying attention to what was around me, to the impact my self driven behavior was having on other people. Both at work and at home. When I lost the lot, it was either have a good look at what I was doing and why or lay down and die,”

Carmazzi says he opted for introspection and acknowledgment of the consequences from his own actions and reactions. He also began reading widely psychological studies and research on how people react and respond in groups and how these behaviors can be tapped to deflect or divert negative aspects and increase the positive.

“I began exercising some of the ideas I had read about and developing other ideas I had about the way people think and react,” says Carmazzi, “and that was the beginning of Directive Communication™. A truly hands on training methodology that works,”

Like the fabled phoenix rising from the ashes, Carmazzi not only rebuilt and reinvented himself as a sought after speaker and author, but also built the very successful Directive Communication workforce enhancement organization that has franchises in several countries.

And DC franchisees say the formula developed by Carmazzi works.

“There is a lot involved in becoming a DC franchisee,” says Malaysian born engineering and technical trainer, G.A.Tan.

“It’s not just the financial commitment, but the physical and mental as well. We had to go through three months study and training with quite rigorous homework before winning our DC accreditation.

“But as a trainer, it was invaluable. I am already in demand and am functioning in the niche market of engineering/ technical training, which, as a scientist, is ideal,” Tan says.

According to Carmazzi, Directive Communication has taken off because it is unique,

“There are lots of trainers in the market place – and many do a very good job. I feel DC runs parallel with other training as it taps into the different areas of people’s brains, making them more effective and interactive in groups,” Carmazzi says pointing out his Colored Brain concepts are particularly well received as they give people a simple method of learning to better understand each other.

“When DC is applied in organizations, you notice a revolutionary shift in how people act and react in groups – communication is opened up and everyone starts playing on the same team. They are aligned,” Carmazzi says adding this is one of the reasons his franchisees have been so successful.

“DC is a trained methodology, which is constantly evolving as the franchisees bring their unique elements into play in their training style, overlaying the DC foundations so the training is highly relevant to the full spectrum of group activities.

“It does not matter whether those activities be in the sciences, research and development, sales or communications, the DC foundations don’t change, but how the franchisees deliver them is always unique and targeted to their specific audiences,” Carmazzi, the quiet revolutionary says.